AMP.NATSEM 34 - Modern family

23 October 2013AMP.NATSEM 34 – Modern Family – Report
23 October 2013AMP.NATSEM 34 – Modern Family – Media Release

Australian families are changing. So what does a modern Australian family look like today?

The modern family unit is complex and diverse. In the 34th AMP.NATSEM report we explore the changing shape of Australian families, with the traditional Mum, Dad and two children families sitting alongside blended, step and same-sex families. We look at how the make-up of families has changed over time and how we compare state-by-state and with other countries.

But, of course, family is what you make it. It's not defined necessarily by gender, or marriage or fertility. Family crosses the spectrum of society, in all its nuances and diversity and is determined by who you love, who you care for and a shared commitment to the future.