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31 October 2017
AMP strengthens customer support and whistleblowing

AMP has strengthened its support for customers and stakeholders with the creation of a  group-wide AMP Customer Advocate function and enhanced whistleblowing  practices.

Customer Advocate function

AMP's new Customer  Advocate function will help and support customers who believe their complaints have not been appropriately resolved through AMP's usual complaint resolution  processes. The function is accountable for ensuring these customers receive  fair and reasonable outcomes, and that AMP's customer complaint processes are  accessible, robust and transparent.

Customers of any AMP product or service can raise their concerns with the Customer Advocate function, which will work alongside AMP's well-established complaint handling  teams.

The function will  be led by Melanie Howard-McDonald, who will report to Paul Sainsbury, AMP's Chief Customer Officer. Ms Howard-McDonald has held senior roles within AMP following  a 14-year legal career and has a deep understanding of the AMP's business  operations and customer strategy. 

"Our ambition is to hold ourselves to the highest possible standards in everything we do for  customers," said Mr Sainsbury. 

"While we always strive to do the right thing, we recognise there will be instances when we don't get it right. Our new Customer Advocate function will help customers when this is the case".

"The function has the full backing of AMP's executive team to ensure our customers receive fair and reasonable outcomes and, importantly, drive change within our business where  necessary," said Mr Sainsbury.

A key responsibility of the function will be to work closely with senior leaders  across AMP's business to review and improve how AMP helps its customers.

The function will also take over from AMP's Customer Advice Review Panel in helping advice customers who are seeking to escalate a complaint with AMP.

More information about the Customer Advocate function is available at:

Whistleblowing practices

AMP has enhanced its whistleblowing practices to better protect and encourage employees, former employees, contractors, suppliers, advisers and other people involved with AMP  to identify unacceptable behaviour.

As part of the changes, an independent operator, Your  Call, has been appointed to act as an impartial and confidential contact  and support centre for whistleblowers.

AMP's Chief Risk and Whistleblowing Protection Officer, Saskia Goedhart said: "Whistleblowing has for some time been a critical means through which we support and protect  people who raise concerns with our business. These changes improve the process,  making it easier and more comfortable for people to raise an issue."

"We encourage people to use the service if they are aware of behaviour they believe is unacceptable. They can be confident they'll be treated with respect and information will  remain confidential," said Ms Goedhart.

More information about AMP's whistleblowing process is also available at: